Yar-Craft Boats

Experience “The Dry One” – Yar-Craft Boats

“The Dry One" was not a name given to Yar-Craft, it was earned. No other boat on the market makes you feel as secure in rough water. Plus, no other fiberglass boat company has been building multi-species boats as long as Yar-Craft. This means no other fiberglass boat will give you the ride you deserve. Bells and whistles are nice, but they will not get you back to the dock in the most severe conditions. What you need is a boat with the best hull for all conditions, and Yar-Craft has it.

Hannay’s Marine has been a Yar-Craft dealer for nine years and shares in the Customer First philosophy that quality boats will provide life-long relationships and customers. Yar-Craft Boats include a Limited Lifetime Warranty and the hulls are hand-laminated with 14 layers of the finest fiberglass composite materials and resins available today.