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Yar-Craft Boats in Minneapolis, MN

Yar-Craft Boats

At Hannay's Marine in Minneapolis, MN

No matter how rough the waters might be, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’re in good hands with a Yar-Craft boat. Believe it or not, no other fiberglass boat company in the industry has been building multi-species boats for as long as Yar-Craft. In order to be successful on the water, you need a solid boat with a superior hull that can handle all types of conditions, which is exactly what Yar-Craft aims for.

Over the years, the Yar-Craft name has become widely known as “The Dry One” and for many good reasons. This long-standing nickname was earned, not given. What makes these boats so unique? If there’s one thing that boaters can agree on, it’s that you need a reliable, sturdy boat that’ll get you back to the dock in even the most severe conditions. The Yar-Craft construction technique is highly innovative and strives to revolutionize the fiberglass fishing boat as we know it. The process begins with a detailed hull prep and careful gel coat application. Our goal is to provide a deep finish and clean lines, which is a standard our customers have come to expect with the purchase of a Yar-Craft boat. The next step is the lamination schedule, which effectively sets a foundation of strength and unparalleled power. The premium resin that’s used for binding creates that highly sought-after one-piece hull structure. In the final production stages, Yar-Craft boats are meticulously checked to ensure that every quality control measure is upheld.

Here at Hannay’s Marine, we’re proud to be a Yar-Craft boat dealer for nine years and counting. We look forward to showing you the different Yar-Craft boats we have for sale. Visit us today in Minneapolis, MN! We also proudly serve St. Paul.

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