SunCatcher Pontoons

SunCatcher Elite 324

SunCatcher Pontoons

Life is Better in a SunCatcher Pontoon.

SunCatcher pontoon boats by G3 incorporate all the luxury, comfort, and performance possible to offer you the very best quality pontoon boats on the market today. There are many ways to build a pontoon these days, but the quality of construction depends on building a solid foundation.

SunCatchers unique “U”-shaped flotation logs creates a stronger and more fuel efficient base than traditional round shaped logs. In addition, the flotation blocks use closed-cell foam flotation inside the logs, allowing for “back-up” flotation even in the unlikely event of a log puncture. And finally, the decking is made from top-quality 7-ply marine grade treated plywood with a limited lifetime guarantee. There is no cost to the consumer for labor or materials for the first 10 years of ownership should the deck need work.

Hannay’s Marine is proud to carry SunCatcher pontoons with models from 16’ to over 26’ with newly designed, stylish lounge areas that offer plenty of plush seating and convenient storage. Check out the Elite Series, X Series and V Series and allow yourself to find the perfect SunCatcher pontoon for your family!.

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