Larson Boats

When Paul Larson built his first boat in Little Falls, Minnesota, in 1913, he made a commitment to deliver a superior family boating experience for the next 100 years, and beyond. By the 1960s, Larson became the world’s largest fiberglass runabout manufacturer. The legacy of Larson Boats spans two World Wars, a Great Depression, and four generations of our country’s most passionate boating enthusiasts.

The tradition of innovation and a promise to stylish, modern and performance-drive designs has been fulfilled thousands of times—most recently by introducing the innovative VEC® Technology process that molds quality, precision, and environmental stewardship into every boat.

Hannay’s Marine has been a Larson Boat dealer since 2012. They are proud to be a member of the greatest heritage in boating from one of America’s hardest-working boat brands. You’ll find the Larson brand Family of Boats including LarsonFX fishing boats, Larson Runabouts and Larson Escape Pontoons, at Hannay’s Marine.

FX-Series Fishing Boats

The FX-Series utilizes Larson's VEC construction to create a fishing boat with a finer fit and finish, as well as a drier, more solid ride.