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2019 G3 Angler V16F

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One of the fastest growing line of boats in America. The Hannay's crew has had the pleasure to run these boats in Branson, Mo. this summer and could not be more pleased with the quality of boat and ride. Owned and powered exclusively by Yamaha. You've got to get yourself one of these boats. The Yamaha four-stroke 40 hp and up are all top quality fuel injected models. The perfect combo at a refreshing great price. Check out this website and see why. And of course, always powered by Yamaha, JD Power and Associates winner for the highest ranked four stroke outboard motors.

Happiness is G3.

2018 Larson FX2020DC

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100 Years of Boat Building

When Paul Larson built his first boat in 1913, he made a commitment to delivering a superior family boating experience for the next 100 years, and beyond. That promise has been fulfilled thousands of times—most recently by introducing the innovative VEC® Technology process that molds quality, precision, and environmental stewardship into every boat.

2019 Suncatcher X22FC cropped for website

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SunCatcher pontoon boats by G3 incorporate all the luxury, comfort, and performance possible to offer you the very best quality pontoon boats on the market today. Three families of product—the Elite Series, X Series, and V Series—allow you to find the perfect SunCatcher pontoon boat for your family.

2018 Yar-Craft 186TFX

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"The Dry One" was not a name given to Yar-Craft, it was earned. No other boat on the market makes you feel as secure in rough water, no other fiberglass boat company has been building multi-species boats as long as Yar-Craft, and no other fiberglass boat will give you the ride you deserve. Bells and whistles are nice, but they will not get you back to the dock in the most severe conditions. What you need is a boat with the best hull for all conditions, and Yar-Craft has it.

2019 Basscat Jaguar 2

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"Total Performance Bass Boats" is not just a catchy tag line at Bass Cat.  We live and breathe performance every day to create the best riding, best fishing, and yes, the best performing bass boats that we know how to build.  We've done that since 1971 and we see no reason to change now.

New Motors



When You Want the Best

We've made sure there's a Yamaha outboard for every kind of water and every type of activity. From the shallowest flats to the deep blue sea. From tournament and sport fishing to skiing,or just a lazy cruise in the pontoon. If you want the best, you want a Yamaha. It's as simple as that. And with so many models and power ranges available to you, it's simple to find the innovative, reliable Yamaha performer that's made to order for your style of boating. What's best for you? A Four Stroke, HPDI® ? A High Power, Midrange, or Portable? We will help you find the perfect power. But no matter which Yamaha outboard you decide to put behind your boat, you'll know that it's miles ahead of anything else.



Since the company was founded in 1939, Mercury has consistently emphasized quality, performance, innovation, and reliability. Today, that pledge remains as strong as ever. Mercury Marine, a division of Brunswick Corporation of Lake Forest, Illinois, began as the Kiekhaefer Corporation of Cedarburg, Wisconsin, when Carl Kiekhaefer and a small but dedicated staff of employees sought to design and produce the best possible boat engine. For more than 70 years, Mercury Marine has been the most recognized name in the marine industry, and the memory of its founder lives on in the hearts and minds of engineers and boat enthusiasts alike.



The passion of Evinrude, the vision of BRP. A most innovative outboard delivering high performance without compromise. Quiet and smooth running makes your boat more pleasurable to drive and, at the same time, saves you money on fuel and oil costs. E-TEC® engines are available in 15 hp and up. Easy to own and operate, cleaner and quieter, quality, durability, reliability, and unique styling. Clean burning, powerful, and lightweight and built in the good old USA.

Suzuki Marine

Suzuki Marine

We are proud to announce that we now carry Suzuki outboard motors! Talk to our sales team to order one today!

As a motor company—not a boat company—we’ve been “building up” to this for years. No other outboard company can draw on Suzuki’s technology and experience designing high-output, lightweight 4-stroke engines for the worldwide marine, automobile, motorcycle, and ATV markets.

New Trailers



ShoreLand'r goes above and beyond the competition in a number of key areas. These all add up to a trailer you can depend on year in and year out. A trailer that will look better, last longer, and go farther.

Karavan Trailer

Karavan Logo

Karavan's boat trailers are the reason why we are the leader in trailer transportation. From our 900 lb. capacity to our 12,000 lb. capacity trailer's functionality, reliability and performance are unmatched. The materials we use to build our trailers are set by our strict quality standards to ensure your Karavan trailer gets your family to the water safely.

MidAmerica Trailer

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We take pride in using the highest quality materials and workmanship in the manufacturing of our trailers, to ensure our customers a product that will be durable and easily maintained. We feel confident our trailers will give many years of dependable service.